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English, German, French, Rusian, Turkish, Italian, Greek, Chinese, Polish, Malaysian, Portuguese, Dutch, Albanian, Croatian, Serbian, Spanish, Macedonian, Sinhalese

For FEYCO TREFFERT every employee is an enrichment. We appreciate the talents and abilities of each individual and always strive to create an open, collaborative and dynamic environment in which our employees and our Company can develop equally. We want an employee-friendly environment providing goal-oriented people to succeed and always be able to face new challenges. Using our special staff development programs, we not only offer appropriate tools and appropriate trainings, but also offer many opportunities for our employees to develop their potential further.

Job Opportunities FEYCO AG & TREFFERT Group

Position Place Details Available Company
Sales Engineer Johor Bahru, Malaysia Details 7th May 2018 TREFFERT Coatings (S.E.A.) Sdn. Bhd.
Accounts & HR Executive Charlotte, North Carolina, USA Details 7th August 2017 TREFFERT Coatings US, Inc.
Formulation & Applicationtechnical Chemist Charlotte, North Carolina, USA Details 21st July 2017 TREFFERT Coatings US, Inc.
Application Engineer Charlotte, North Carolina, USA Details 26th September 2016 TREFFERT Coatings US, Inc.

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